Checking in

Covid-19 check in:

With the reduced rentals now during the Covid-19 pandemic, our on-site partner has reduced the time where the front desk in the clubhouse is staffed. That is currently staffed from 10 AM to either 8, 10 or 11 PM. 8 PM on the two slowest days of the week. And 10 or 11 PM on the remaining, depending on the number of arrivals. For the guests arriving "after hours", they will leave all info in a lockbox. And text you details how to access that.
No problem if you are delayed, and arrives "after hours". They will place all info in a lockbox before they leave. And on the clubhouse, they have a phone number posted where they can be reached after hours.

Checking in :

We cooperate with the only management company that has an office at Vista Cay, Millenium Management. They are also open 24/7. So it's basically just to arrive at the clubhouse, early or late, and they will check you in much like a hotel.

  • Checkin is located in the Vista Cay Clubhouse, located at 4874 Cayview Ave. As mentioned, they are open 24/7.
  • Millenium will have a prepared envelope with all necessary information: Keycards to the condo and pooo area, code to the gate to the parking lot, a map over the resort, nearby restaurants and stores, driving directions etc.

At check-in, all guests will have to sign a registration form with terms. A copy of this form can be viewed here. A US$ 500 "damage deposit" will be reserved at your credit card. (No payment) After checkout, hopefully, nothing is missing or damaged, this reservation will be released. Luckily, we have yet to use this reservation. This is not a payment, and it will not show up on your monthly statement. This much the same as the Hotels and Car Rentals does it.

More information on the check-in information.


Short driving directions from Orlando International Airport :

  • Take exit north from the Airport, enter SR-528 westbound
  • Take exit 2 to Universal Blvd
  • After about one Mile, you see a Walgreens store on your left-hand side. Drive down Lake Cay Plaza, by the Walgreens.
  • Straight ahead to the Vista Cay clubhouse. The address is 4874 Cayview Ave.
  • Tip: Cayview Ave is a small road. If you use a GPS, it might not be present in your GPS. In that case, drive to 9650 Universal Blvd, this is the address of the Walgreens store.

Aerial photo of the Check in area :