Condo M, L and L2

We have decided to change our ID's on the condos from Condo M, L and L2, to simply 5000-307, 5000-403 and 5000-408.

History :

We was four coworkers that initially invested in a rental condo in Orlando. The three bedroom 5000-408 / Condo L. The current owners, Berit and Havard Valderhaug enjoyed our vacations at Vista Cay so much we wanted our own condo. We was then able to buy 5000-307, a two bed condo. About the same time, together with now two coworkers, we bought a three bedroom that was larger. So the names Condo M, L and XL seemed good. Some years down the road, Berit and Havard bought another condo identical to the Condo L. So we named that Condo L2. Still made sense.

Some years further down the road, the coworkers wanted out. So we basically sold our share of the Condo XL, and bought their share of the Condo L. So then the names Condo M, L and L2 didn't make that much sense any more.

All our condos are located in the same building, at 5000 Cayview Ave. And 307, 403 and 408 is the unit number in the building. Simple and easy.

This is the link to our condos :