No car?

Even without a rental car, you can easily get from our condos to the major attractions. One option is of course Taxi. Our on-site partner cooperates with Mears Transport, and will happily arrange for a taxi to pick you up at Vista Cay. Mears Transport has a fare estimator here, you can use "5000 Cayview Ave, Orlando FL 32819" as an address to our condos. There is no extra fee to be picked up outside the clubhouse.

The LYNX local buses have a bus stop right outside Vista Cay main entrance, that’s about 100 yards from our condo. You also have a major bus stop at Destination Parkway, where 5 routes stop. It's about 1200 yards / 1100 meters to walk there.

The I-Ride Trolley, that goes up and down International Drive all day, have a stop just under 1 mile from Vista Cay. This can either be reached by walking, or you can take the LYNX route 58 or 111, directly from Vista Cay

Below you will find a map of the area, where we have marked the relevant bus stops, and Vista Cay :

There are four bus stops that are relevant :
- Vista Cay main entrance. LYNX route 58 and 111 stops here. This is located 100 yards from our condo.
- Orange County Convention Center (OCCC): I-Ride stop 28 is located here, as well as LYNX routes 8, 38, 42 and 58. This is less than a mile from Vista Cay West entrance.
- Destination Parkway. This is a major bus stop/connection stop. Bus 8, 38, 42, 58 & 111 stops here. 
- Sea World. Not marked on the map. You can switch bus here (from 8, 38 or 111) to route 50 going to Disney

Leaving in the morning :
To be honest, I would consider walking to the Destination Parkway, or Orange County Convention Center. You can just exit Vista Cay on the west entrance, Tradeshow Blvd to Destination Pkwy is usually very quiet.
You can take Lynx Route 58, which has a stop at the Vista Cay main entrance. When the bus passes Vista Cay going Eastbound, the bus stop is on the right side of the road. Then it turns at Rosen Shingle Creek, across the road from Publix, and returns Westbound on Universal Blvd. You can also take the bus when it goes Westbound, but you then have to cross Universal Blvd with three lanes in each direction. And no traffic lights here.
You can also take Route 111 that passes Vista Cay going westbound.

Getting back to Vista Cay :
Again, it's not far to walk from for instance Destination Parkway. But the temperatures are probably a bit higher. There are lights at Tradeshow Blvd, but no pavement. But usually little traffic. If you switch to bus 58 or 111 at Destination Parkway, you exit on the “right” side of Universal Blvd at Vista Cay.

The most relevant Lynx routes, press the links to download the schedules :
Lynx map and schedule for Destination Parkway. One pdf has maps and times for all routes that stop at Destination Parkway
Lynx map and schedule for Disney area. Switch to Route 50 at Sea World
I-Ride schedules: The I-Ride Trolley goes up and down International drive all day.

- Route 8: Premium Outlets Vineland, Sea World, Destination Parkway, Premium Outlets International Drive, Lynx Central bus station
- Route 38: Premium Outlets Vineland, Sea World, Destination Parkway, Premium Outlets International Drive, Lynx Central bus station
- Route 42: Orlando International Airport, Florida Mall, Premium Outlets International Drive
- Route 50: Disney area, Sea World, Lynx Central. Connect to this route by taking bus 8, 38 or 111 to Sea World.
- Route 58: Rosen Shingle Creek, Vista Cay, Universal Blvd, International Drive, Destination Parkway
- Route 111: Orlando International Airport, Florida Mall, Sea World

Note: For information only, this page is not frequently updated. Please verify schedules by visiting the LYNX and I-Ride Trolley website.