Attending a convention at the Convention Center? That's our neighbor, within easy walking distance. Depending on which building you are heading to, just a bit longer to walk than from the parking lot :-). And, you save the 25 US$ parking fee. On the map below, we have named the different buildings of OCCC. And, have marked some suggested walking routes from our Condo M, L, and L2. Walking distances according to Google Maps :

Redline to the North Building. 20 minutes, 1.1 Mile, or 1.7 Km along the pavement on Universal Blvd.
Yellow line to the South Building. 20 minutes, 1.0 Mile, or 1.6 Km along Tradeshow Blvd.
Blue/Yellow line to the West Building. 25 minutes, 1.5 Mile, or 2.5 Km. To the South building, then cross International Drive.

Convention Map

View towards the convention center, from the building of our condos:

Shipping packages?

Many conventioners are bringing a lot of things to their convention. We cooperate with Millenium Management, the only management company with an on-site office at Vista Cay. So why not send the packages to them, and you will be able to pick them up at check-in? You can use the following address :

Your name
c/o Millenium Management
4874 Cayview Ave
Orlando FL, 32819

- Receiving / storing packages with combined weight below 5 lbs are free of charge.
- For packages with combined weight above 5 lbs, a fee of $ .50 + tax per lbs is charged by our on-site partner.
- Maximum weight per package is 50 lbs